If you have questions about the Phoenixville Restaurant Directory, please check below for answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please click here to contact us.

For restaurant owners/managers:

Listings are FREE for restaurants located in (or very near) Phoenixville.

Click here to search our directory for your restaurant, and then click the “Claim Listing” button under the map.

Click here to search our directory for your restaurant. If your restaurant is not already listed in our directory, please click here to create an account on our site and then click here to add your restaurant to our directory. If you have any problems, please click here to contact us.

Once you have claimed your listing and uploaded photos and content, we recommend that you share your listing on your social channels and ask for reviews. The top 12 Phoenixville restaurants with the most reviews will be featured on our homepage.

You are welcome to add your restaurant to our directory for a small fee. While restaurants outside Phoenixville will not be eligible to be featured on our homepage, they will still be displayed in our search results.

We pay for the meals we eat at the restaurants we review on PXVRestaurants.com and Phoenixville.Online, such as our write-up for Uncle B’s BBQ in Phoenixville. While we visit many of the restaurants in Phoenixville, and hopefully will eventually visit them all, it is unlikely that we will write about them all; however, if you would like to invite us to a free tasting for two (nobody likes to dine alone), we will be happy to write about our experience and will disclose at the top of the post that our meals were comped.

Please note that we will write an honest review of our experience and what we liked or didn’t like; however, if we have a bad experience, we will let you know, and we will not post the review. Our intention is not to hurt any of the restaurants in Phoenixville, so we will only post about positive experiences.

Yes, we began Phoenixville Online in 2017 when we first moved to Phoenixville, PA, from Wilmington, DE. In 2022, we decided that the site needed to expand to showcase our restaurant district properly, so we launched PXVRestaurants.com.

Google rewards relevance, proximity, and prominence, particularly when it comes to local search. PXVRestaurants.com and Phoenixville Online have relevant, location-based content, and we are growing our presence with a strong local following. Google considers any reference to your business NAP (name, address, phone) a “citation” which raises your prominence. Google considers businesses with more citations as more credible and well-known. If you would like to find all of your local citations, try a local SEO tool like BrightLocal’s Citation Tracker.

To have your restaurant removed, please email mail@phoenixville.online and include your name, restaurant name, and phone number, with the subject line “Removal Request.” As long as your email domain matches your restaurant domain, we will immediately honor your request; however, if it does not match, we will first call or email you to verify that you are the restaurant owner or manager.

In addition to the obvious (business name, address, phone, website, hours, logo), you can also add photos, a video, a long description with links and formatting, links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, special offers, your menu, and more!